Use of nanocomposite hydrogel with N-urea in the production of eggplant seedlings

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Salles, Josiane Souza [UNESP]
Amici Jorge, Marcal Henrique
Costa, Edilson
Castro e Melo, Raphael Augusto de
Freitas de Lima, Alexandre Henrique
Silva Binotti, Flavio Ferreira da

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Univ Estadual Mato Grosso Sul


The use of quality seedlings of eggplant is directly related to the success of their production, with polymers added to the substrate, which work as water conditioners, increase the water retention capacity, and provide better seedling quality. The study aimed to evaluate the use of nanocompo site hydrogel enriched with different proportions of N-urea in the production of eggplant seedlings. The experiment was conducted at the State University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Cassilandia, MS, Brazil, from June to August 2019, under sombrite (R) 30%. Five treatments were evaluated, using the commercial substrate, Carolina Soil (R) : 1) commercial substrate without hydrogel; 2) commercial substrate with 0.075g of pure hydrogel (0.00g of N-urea)/15 mL of a substrate; 3) commercial substrate with 0.075g of hydrogel and 10% N-urea/15 mL of a substrate; 4) commercial substrate with 0.075g of hydrogel and 20% N-urea/15 mL of a substrate, and 5) commercial substrate with 0.075g of hydrogel and 40% N-urea/15 mL of a substrate. The experiment was conducted with four replications of 25 seedlings. The emergence speed index, percentage of emergence, height, number of leaves, stem diameter, shoot dry matter, root dry matter, and total dry matter were evaluated, as well as the Dickson Quality Index. The data were subjected to analysis of variance (SPEEDSTAT statistical software) and grouping test of means. A regression analysis was performed to adjust equations for some of the variables. The best seedlings can be obtained using the dosage of 28.83% N-urea with 0.075g of hydrogel per 15 ml of the substrate, according to the DQI adjustment, which includes several traits of the seedlings, thus reflecting on its quality.



Solanum melongena, hydroretentor, seedling quality, nutrition

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Revista De Agricultura Neotropical. Dourados: Univ Estadual Mato Grosso Sul, v. 7, n. 4, p. 80-85, 2020.