Shrimps of genus Lysmata Risso, 1816 (Caridea: Lysmatidae) from Queimada Grande Island region, southeastern Brazil

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Santos, Rafael de Carvalho [UNESP]
Rodrigues Alves, Douglas Fernandes
Carvalho-Batista, Abner

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Soc Brasileira Carcinologia


The objective of this study is to report the first occurrences of three species from the genus Lysmata Risso, 1816 in an area of the Queimada Grande Island (QGI), a conservation unit on the southern coast of Sao Paulo, southeastern Brazil. The specimens were sampled manually in August 2018 from a small rocky formation from the QGI region. The species Lysmata bahia Rhyne and Lin, 2006, Lysmata uncicornis Holthuis and Maruin, 1952, and Lysmata vittata (Stimpson, 1860) are reported, of which the last two are not native to the Western Atlantic waters. The present study reports L. uncicornis for the first time on the coast of Sao Paulo State. The records informed herein not only provide more information about biodiversity, but can also help in the development of management plans and conservation.



Aquarium trade, Decapoda, Geographical distribution, Peppermint shrimp, Western Atlantic

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Nauplius. Rio Grande Rs: Soc Brasileira Carcinologia, v. 29, 13 p., 2021.