Design and craftsmanship: a contemporary view

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Martinez-Osorio, Pedro Arturo [UNESP]
Paschoarelli, Luis Carlos [UNESP]
Da-Cruz-Landim, Paula [UNESP]

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Univ Catolica Colombia, Fac Diseno


The low recognition of identity and aesthetics present in the craft industry and the use of Cana flecha (Gynerium sagittatum) by the Zenu indigenous cultures, highlight the need to inquire about how to understand the dialogue between design, craftsmanship and industrial production processes oriented towards the innovation of methods and products in a context of sustainability. Through a bibliographic review organized in two phases, - the first consisting of the search for scientific articles and books and the second in the analysis thereof -, allowed the classification of information into two categories: 1) Design, Handcraft and New trends, and 2) Design and Decolonization. As a result, critical aspects are shown in the relationship between design, crafts and indigenous knowledge. This search discusses the potential that, from design, makes it possible to generate innovation processes. Also, presents contemporary design as a discipline of synthesis that responds to a culturalist or essentialist approach to design, with great empowerment and emancipation capabilities in peripheral contexts. All of this led to question which methodologies allow to approach the understanding of the legacy of cultures and craft processes.



crafts, subject-centered design, sustainable design, projective humanism, traditional materials, indigenous traditions

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Revista De Arquitectura. Bogota D C: Univ Catolica Colombia, Fac Diseno, v. 22, n. 1, p. 130-137, 2020.