Automated determination of the orientation of dust devil tracks in mars orbiter images

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Statella, Thiago
Pina, Pedro
Silva, Erivaldo Antonio da [UNESP]

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The paper presents and evaluates three methods for automatically estimating the main orientation of Martian dust devil tracks in MOC and HiRISE images. Inferring such information about dust devils from their tracks is important to better understand the near surface wind. The methods considered were based on gradient direction, directional openings and morphological granulometry. The accuracy of the methods was asserted by comparing the results to a set of directions estimated visually and assumed to be the ground truth. The higher accuracy was reached using directional openings. Besides, the directions inferred by this method were compared to those predicted by the GCM and the results agreed. © 2013 COSPAR.



Dust devil tracks, General circulation model of mars, Mathematical morphology

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Advances in Space Research.