“Candeia. Luz da Inspiração”: cultural policy, memory and identities in Brazil in the 1970s

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Garcia, Tania da Costa [UNESP]

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This article, moving away from the approaches that treat cultural policy strictly as State policy, analyzes, during the period of political distension of the military dictatorship, the different vectors tensioned around the appropriations of the popular as representations of the national, by confronting the official document, National Cultural Policy, with the networks of aesthetic-political-ideological relationships and belonging that inform the performance of Hermínio Belo de Carvalho in front of the Department of Popular Music (DMP) of the National Art Foundation. Therefore, I choose the Lúcio Rangel project and the writing of the monograph Candeia. Luz da Inspiration, as a case study, book by João Baptista Vargens, published by the Foundation.



Cultural policies, Dictatorship, Identities, Memories, Samba

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Estudos Ibero-Americanos, v. 48, n. 1, 2022.