Design and development of a myoelectric upper limb prosthesis with 3D printing: A low-cost alternative

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da Silva, Bruno Borges [UNESP]
Porsani, Rodolfo Nucci [UNESP]
Hellmeister, Luiz Antonio Vasquez [UNESP]
Medola, Fausto Orsi [UNESP]
Paschoarelli, Luis Carlos [UNESP]

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In the absence of the upper limb, prosthetic devices attempt to assist the user in performing the basic activities of daily life, such as holding and manipulating objects. However, such equipment has high costs, which makes it difficult for the users to acquire it. In this context, alternative solutions for prosthesis began to emerge in order to reduce costs as well as to improve usability. With the recent technological advancements, areas such as robotics and electronics tend to become more accessible. The current study reports on the process of producing a transradial myoelectric bionic prosthesis and to analyze the potential of using rapid prototyping and low cost technologies. The results present the improvement in the design of upper limb prosthesis, highlighting the potential contributions of a low cost myoelectric prosthesis in terms of functionality and aesthetics.



3D printing, Assistive technology, Hand, Low cost, Prosthesis

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, v. 975, p. 318-327.