Avaliação da segurança e eficácia de novo preenchedor à base de ácido hialurônico no tratamento dos sulcos nasolabiais e contorno dos lábios

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Talarico, Sergio
Hassun, Karime Marques
de Oliveira Monteiro, Erica
Parada, Meire Odete Brasil
Buratini, Laura Bariquelo [UNESP]
Arruda, Lúcia
Bagatin, Ediléia

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Introduction: The use of dermal filling techniques for soft tissue augmentation has greatly increased in recent years. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most used temporary dermal fillers in the treatment of facial wrinkles, furrows, and folds due to its effectiveness and safety. Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Perfectha®, a new hyaluronic acid filler, for nasolabial folds and lip correction. Methods: Open, multicenter study comprising 87 women. Efficacy was evaluated by the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale and the Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale. Safety was evaluated through observation and the reporting of side effects. Results: One week after the injection of the filler, improvement in nasolabial folds and lips was observed in 86% and 89% of the women, respectively. Mild or moderate transient inflammatory reaction and ecchymoses occurred in 15% and 9% of patients, respectively, mainly in nasolabial folds. Two patients presented labial herpes simplex after treatment of the lips. The good results were maintained in 76% and 57% of women for nasolabial folds and in 72% and 45% of women for lips after 3 and 6 months, respectively. Conclusion: Perfectha® was effective and safe for these indications.



Hyaluronic acid, Inflammation, Skin

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Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology, v. 2, n. 2, p. 83-86, 2010.