Determinantes do controle da press�o arterial em homens assistidos na aten��o prim�ria � sa�de

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De Oliveira Dantas, Rosimery Cruz
Paes, Neir Antunes
Da Silva, Ana Tereza Medeiros Cavalcanti
Valenti, Vitor Engr�cia [UNESP]
Mora, Jose Alfredo Ordenes [UNESP]
Chambrone, Joana Zambrano [UNESP]
De Abreu, Luiz Carlos
De Farias, Maria Do Carmo Andrade Duarte

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Hypertension is a multifactorial clinical condition with a prevalence in Brazil of 30% in adults over 20 years and 35.8 % in men, who are more exposed to risk factors and attend fewer the health services. The objective of this research was to investigate the control of blood pressure in hypertensive men, assisted by the Primary Health Care Services in two cities in the state of Para�ba and to identify the relationship between modifiable risk factors and sociodemographic factors with the control of blood pressure levels. This comparative study with a quantitative approach, descriptive analysis, applying logistic regression. It was verified that most hypertensive men in the cities studied, it is not being monitored by the authorities and has uncontrolled blood pressure. They are over 60 years, of non-white race, overweight / obese, smokers and non-drinkers. The variables that keep relation with pressure control are race, overweight / obesity and physical inactivity. We conclude that hypertension is a serious public health problem that requires all users, professionals and managers to change their attitude in tackling this problem. To control blood pressure, it is necessary the monitoring of the users by the teams of health services. It is also necessary to intensify actions focused on physical activities and healthy eating, as well as link the men to health services, thus promoting early diagnosis, a reorganization in operating the attendance, record, consultation time and the strengthening of health education activities.



Hypertension, Men's health, Primary health care, Risk factors

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Mundo da Saude, v. 40, n. 2, p. 249-256, 2016.