Knowledge management and its interrelations with organizational memory: Focus on the repertoire memory

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In increasingly complex environments, knowledge appropriation, generation, management, use, and reuse constitute a systemic and complex process of transformation and added value for the formation of organizational memory. This study highlights the importance of processes and tools interrelated to knowledge management to enhance organizational memory actions, whose focus is on the repertoire memory, which, in turn, is based on different cognitions, collective acts and social relations. The research is qualitative, typologically descriptive, and exploratory, and constitutes a theoretical essay based on the literature published on the theme. This study is expected to contribute and enrich the theoretical framework of the scientific field of information science, more specifically concerning the interrelations of knowledge management with organizational memory, collectively constructed and linked to issues of efficiency and effectiveness, as well as evidence the relevance of the repertoire memory composed of previous knowledge and know-how for the constitution of memory organization.



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Role of Information Science in a Complex Society, p. 145-162.