Treatment of maxillary canine transposition

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Pedalino, Aldo
Matias, Murilo
Gaziri, Daniel
Vieira, Bruno
Alves, Luiza
Ursi, Weber [UNESP]

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E H Angle Education Research Foundation, Inc


Transposition of maxillary teeth is an eruptive disturbance occurring in approximately 1 of every 300 orthodontic patients. Such cases are frequently very challenging in terms of treatment planning and orthodontic management. The canine is one of the most commonly transposed teeth, ectopically positioned with either the lateral incisor or the first premolar. This case report illustrates unique orthodontic treatment, describes treatment procedures, and presents the final outcome of bilateral maxillary canine-lateral incisor complete transpositions in which the involved teeth were moved to their clinically normal position in the dental arch without extracting premolars.



Dental transposition, Malocclusion, Orthodontics

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Angle Orthodontist. Newton N: E H Angle Education Research Foundation, Inc, v. 90, n. 6, p. 873-880, 2020.