Graphite dispersions as a basis for development of high thermal conductivity fluids

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Potensa, Bruno Santos [UNESP]
Calixto, Carlos Henrique Peres [UNESP]
Lanfredi, Silvania [UNESP]
Nobre, Marcos Augusto Lima [UNESP]

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Both conductivity and thermal resistivity measurements of commercial graphite dispersions in non-aqueous polar fluids and non-polar fluids were carried out. Fluids exhibiting different densities as: mineral oil, ethylene glycol, glycerin bidistilled and liquid vaseline were used. Dispersions of commercial graphite containing 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 and 80 weight percent were prepared by sonication technique. The thermal conductivity of each fluid increases as a function of the increasing of the volumetric density of fluid and of the fraction of graphite. Values of thermal conductivity of graphite dispersion were at around ten times higher than that value of the base-fluid. Effects of processing parameters of graphite dispersions on the magnitude of its thermal conductivity are discussed.



Fluid, Graphite, Thermal conductivity, Thermal properties of the matter

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Materials Science Forum, v. 881 MSF, p. 459-463.