Militant action of Lélia Gonzalez in the discussion of the Federal constitution of 1988

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De Moura Garrido, Mírian Cristina [UNESP]

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We are approaching the commemoration of the thirty years of the promulgation of the famous citizen constitution, which motivates a reflection of the actions of civil entities and activists in the process of discussing the document and its achievements. The objective of this article is to understand the participation of the militant Lélia Gonzalez in the subcommittee that discussed issues related to african-brazilian, as well as, presented demands and conflicts generated. The sources explored are the biography of the activist, written by Ratts and Rios, and the minutes of the seventh meeting of the Subcommittee of the National Constituent Assembly entitled Subcommittee on African-brazilians, Indigenous Populations, Persons with Disabilities and Minorities, in which Lélia spoke. In general, the participation of the militant indicates the basic elements of the demands of the contemporary african-brazilian movement, and its apprehension between the constituents does not seem to be unanimous. However, the participation of activists in the discussion of Constituition Assembly creates the opportunity of the contact of congressmen with arguments legitimating the black cause and visibility for social demands.



Constitutional, Contemporary African-Brazilian movement, Lélia Gonzalez

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Tempo e Argumento, v. 10, n. 25, p. 435-463, 2018.