Use of single-step genome-wide association studies for prospecting genomic regions related to milk production and milk quality of buffalo

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Da Costa Barros, Camila [UNESP]
De Abreu Santos, Daniel Jordan [UNESP]
Aspilcueta-Borquis, Rusbel Raul
De Camargo, Gregório Miguel Ferreira
De Araújo Neto, Francisco Ribeiro
Tonhati, Humberto [UNESP]

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The aim of this research communication was to identify chromosome regions and genes that could be related to milk yield (MY), milk fat (%F) and protein percentage (%P) in Brazilian buffalo cows using information from genotyped and non-genotyped animals. We used the 90 K Axiom ® Buffalo Genotyping array. A repeatability model was used. An iterative process was performed to calculate the weights of markers as a function of the squared effects of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and allele frequencies. The 10 SNPs with the largest effects for MY, %F and %P were studied and they explained 7·48, 9·94 and 6·56% of the genetic variance, respectively. These regions harbor genes with biological functions that could be related to the traits analyzed. The identification of such regions and genes will contribute to a better understanding of their influence on milk production and milk quality traits of buffaloes.



Buffaloes, GWAS, single-step, SNP

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Journal of Dairy Research, v. 85, n. 4, p. 402-406, 2018.