Subband mixing inducing negative resistance

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Degani, Marcos H.
Scalvi, Luis V.A. [UNESP]
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Elsevier B.V.
A new double channel field-effect structure based on delta-doping technology is proposed Resonant tunneling between the channels is employed to control the transport along the interface plane. A realistic simulation is performed for several temperatures. We solve the Schrodinger and Poisson equations self-consistently and have found that a large peak-to-valley ratio in the current-voltage characteristic occurs at the whole range of temperature investigated this effect indicates the potential application of this phenomenon for switching devices, where the transversal conductivity can be controlled due to the coupling between states belonging to different channels.
Doping (additives), Negative resistance, Switching circuits, Double channel field-effect structures, Resonant tunneling, Subband mixing, Field effect semiconductor devices
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Solid State Communications, v. 86, n. 5, p. 301-304, 1993.