Tools, processes, and products of subject representation: a study of the ISKO-Brazil conference proceedings (2012-2019)

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de Oliveira, Lais Pereira [UNESP]
Grácio, Maria Cláudia Cabrini [UNESP]
Martínez-Ávila, Daniel

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The approaches to the tools, processes, and products of subject representation in the ISKO-Brazil conference proceedings are analyzed. It is a descriptive, qualiquantitative, and bibliographic research that works with the ISKO Brazil conference proceedings as the object of study and employs bibliometric and content analysis methods to obtain results on the scientific production. The results reveal the predominance of thesauri and indexing policies, in relation to tools; indexing and classification, in relation to processes; and notation, in relation to products; and more specifically, construction and typology of thesauri, in relation to tools; and document processing in archives and images, in relation to processes.



Brazil, Information organization, Scientific production, Subject representation, Thematic description

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Scire, v. 26, n. 1, p. 47-56, 2020.