Double ovarian tumour in the mare: Case report

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Pinna, Aline E.
Okada, Carolina T. C. [UNESP]
Ferreira, Camila S. C.
Campos, Diego G.
Possidente, Karen S.
de Cássia C. L. Morais, Rita
Oliveira, Marcela
Salomão, Marcia Carolina
Hataka, Alexandre [UNESP]

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Ovarian tumours in mares represent 2.5% to 6% of the most frequent neoplasms found in the equine species, with a higher chance of benignity. This study aims to describe a case of two different tumours found in the same ovary of a mare that presented clinical signs of suppressed oestrous cycle during 5 years. After unilateral ovariectomy, the ovary was sent to the histopathology examination which determined a mixed tumour of granulosa cell and leiomyosarcoma. After treatment, the mare returned to oestrus and got pregnant in the next season.



anestrus, equine, histopathology, hormone, reproduction

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Reproduction in Domestic Animals, v. 54, n. 6, p. 912-916, 2019.