Influência do ciclo lunar no parto: mito ou constatação científica?

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Superstitions are found everywhere in our lives, and medicine, a profession that is prides itself on an evidence-based approach to treatment, is not exempt. A superstition that pervades the labor and delivery floor is that it is busier during certain phases of the lunar cycle, specifically the full moon. Although some studies have demonstrated an increase in deliveries that are related to the lunar cycle, there has been disagreement about when, in the lunar cycle, the peak volume occurs. Front to the divergence of the existent results in the literature to relate the events of the lunar cycle with deliveries, the aim of this review was to accomplish the literature in the attempt of explaining this popular culture with base in the results presented by different researchers.



female, human, labor, moon, physiology, pregnancy, review, superstition, Female, Humans, Labor, Obstetric, Moon, Pregnancy, Superstitions

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Revista brasileira de enfermagem, v. 63, n. 3, p. 477-479, 2010.