The learning teaching of natural sciences in the final years of fundamental teaching: Teaching strategies, teaching resources and pedagogical practices

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Dos Santos Lopes, Ranib Aparecida
Dos Santos, Solange Xavier [UNESP]
Tiradentes, Cibele Pimenta
De Lourdes da Cunha, Abadia

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This work presents results of the master's research entitled Teacher Training and Teaching of Natural Sciences in the final years of elementary school developed in the Graduate Program - Professional Master's in Science Teaching (UEG) in the year 2016 The main objective is to discuss the teaching practice, focusing on the teaching strategies commonly adopted, the teaching resources most used, the difficulties faced by the teachers and the learning resulting from this process. Methodologically, this work is characterized as a qualitative-quantitative research, with a bibliographical review, followed by fieldwork, in four Regionals of State Education Network of Goiás (Seduce). The results reveal the existence of some challenges for teaching practice, such as the fragile initial teacher training that makes it difficult to practice and compromises student learning, and inadequate conditions for teaching work and lack of pedagogical support.



Pedagogical practice, Teacher demands, Teaching learning of natural sciences

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Fronteiras, v. 7, n. 2, p. 304-323, 2018.