Correlations of some Neoproterozoic carbonate-dominated successions in South America based on high-resolution chemostratigraphy

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Sial, Alcides Nobrega
Gaucher, Claudio
Misi, Aroldo
Boggiani, Paulo Cesar
De Alvarenga, Carlos Jos� Souza
Ferreira, Valderez Pinto
Pimentel, Marcio Martins
Pedreira, Jos� Augusto
Warren, Lucas Verissimo [UNESP]
Fern�ndez-Ram�rez, Rodrigo

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This report reviews and incorporates new elemental and isotope chemostratigraphic data for correlation of Neoproterozoic carbonate-dominated successions in South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay). These thick mixed carbonate/siliciclastic successions were largely deposited in epicontinental basins or accumulated on passive margins on the edges of cratons (e.g. S�o Francisco, Amazonia, Rio Apa Block, Pampia and R�o de la Plata paleocontinents) during extensional events related to the rifting of the Rodinia Supercontinent. From the stratigraphic point of view, these successions occur as three mega-sequences: glaciogenic, marine carbonate platform (above glaciomarine diamictites or rift successions), and dominantly continental to transitional siliciclastics. In the orogenic belts surrounding cratons, carbonate-dominated successions with important volcanoclastic/siliciclastic contribution have been, in most cases, strongly deformed. The precise ages of these successions remain a matter of debate, but recently new paleontological and geochronological data have considerably constrained depositional intervals. Here, we report high-resolution C, O, Sr, and S isotope trends measured in well-preserved sample sets and mainly use Sr and C isotopes in concert with lithostratigraphic/biostratigraphic observations to provide detailed correlations of these successions. The establishing of a high-level and definite chemostratigraphic correlation between Neoproterozoic basins in South America is the main goal of this work.



Carbonate successions, Correlation, Isotope chemos-tratigraphy, Neoproterozoic, South America

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Brazilian Journal of Geology, v. 46, n. 3, p. 439-488, 2016.