University television, visibility and consumption: The role of social networks in promoting content

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Médola, Ana Silvia Lopes Davi [UNESP]
Lelis, Mariane Frascareli [UNESP]

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Non-hegemonic Brazilian television stations such as university TVs find in the current media context the possibility of new content distribution flows in relation to those structured in the analogue system. This is because digital con-vergence, coupled with the emergence of social networks, are potential resources to promote the visibility of their programs, as they favor the dissemination of the contents available to different audiences. Under the semiotic look of social inter-action and visibility regimes, the present project analyzes the strategies adopted by TV Unesp in social networks and identifies a content dissemination logic subordinated to the commercial purposes of these platforms. The analysis of the results of the publications on Facebook to promote visibility shows how the logic of algorithm-driven monetization reaffirms the hegemony of commercial media organizations in the ecosystem of social networks.



Semiotics, Social networks, TV Unesp, University television, Visibility

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Comunicacao Midia e Consumo, v. 16, n. 46, p. 354-375, 2019.