Processo de construção de recurso de tecnologia assistiva para aluno com paralisia cerebral em sala de recursos multifuncionais


According to the Implementation Program of Multifunctional Resources Classroom, Assisted Technology is available for special education services and it is the special education teacher’s responsibility to implement the resources and plan their use, with methodologies and teaching strategies that address the needs of students with disabilities. Thus, this study aimed to implement and evaluate an Assistive Technology resource for a student with Cerebral Palsy collaboratively with a teacher of the Multifunctional Resources Classroom, with the aid of the flowchart presented by the literature. Several methodological procedures were carried out: 1) interview with the teacher; 2) assessment of the student; and, 3) filming of interventions in the Multifunctional Resources Classroom. The results showed the efficacy in correctly following the steps of the flowchart, the benefit of the Assistive Technology to aid students with Cerebral Palsy, the importance of following the process of making and assessing the use of the resource. The study also verified the influence of the types of educational strategies that the teacher uses in the teaching and learning process of the student with Cerebral Palsy.



Assistive technology, Cerebral palsy, Resource classroom, Special education

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Revista Brasileira de Educacao Especial, v. 23, n. 4, p. 547-562, 2017.