Resposta plasmática de glicose e insulina em eqüinos alimentados com diferentes fontes de amido

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This study was aimed to measure the plasmatic response of glucose and insulin of horses fed diets containing different starch sources, like corn, oat, sorghum and a mix of corn and oat in equal parts. Four standarbred gelding 36 month old an weighing average of 350 kg were used in a Latin Square 4 x 4 (four animals, four treatments and four period) trial design. No statistical differences were observed in plasmatic glucose levels either before or after ingestion between treatments. Maximum plasmatic level of glucose was observed in all diets two and a half hours post ingestion. Insulin plasmatic level was significantly lower before ingestion in horses treated with the mixed corn and oat diet, when compared with the other treatments. In the other hand, the insulin plasmatic level in horses fed corn-formulated diet was statistically higher than the others treatments at three hours and a half after ingestion. Diets containing different sources of starch had no effect in time neither quantity of glucose absorbed in small intestine. Variation observed in insulin plasmatic levels indicate that a proper feeding can have a regulatory effect of this hormone, avoiding undesirable's behaviors.



Equine, Glucose, Insulin, Starch, Animalia, Equidae, Zea mays

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Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science, v. 46, n. 4, p. 324-331, 2009.