Suppression of vibrations in a nonlinear half-car model using a magneto-rheological damper


The present work investigates the nonlinear response of a half-car model. The disturbances of the road are assumed to be sinusoidal. After constructing the bifurcation diagram, we use the 0-1 test to identify chaotic motions. The main objective of this study is to eliminate chaotic behavior of the chassis and reduce its vibrations. To accomplish this, a semi-active vehicle suspension control system, using magneto-rheological dampers, is proposed. The proposed semi-active control strategy consists of two nonlinear control laws: a feedforward control, and a feedback control. They are obtained by considering the SDRE (State Dependent Riccati Equation) control, where the control parameter is the voltage applied to the coils of the magneto-rheological dampers. Numerical results show that the proposed control method is effective in significantly reducing of the chassis vibration, increasing, therefore, passenger comfort.



MR damper, Nonlinear and Chaotic Behavior, control SDRE, control the coil voltage

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Mathematics In Engineering, Science And Aerospace, v. 5, n. 4, p. 427-443, 2014.