Current trends in brazilian research in chemistry teaching: a state of knowledge of specific journals

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do, Thais Adrianne [UNESPReinal]
Piva, Gabriela Martins [UNESP]
Silva i, Andressa Algayer da [UNESPMorett]
Andradra, Ana Maria de [UNESPe Caldei]
Nardi, Roberto [UNESP]

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Univ Francisco Jose Caldas, Fac Science & Education


This paper presents a state of knowledge study on the current research trends in the area of Chemistry Teaching in Brazil. Thus, the objective was to identify and understand the investigative approaches, aiming to contribute to the understanding of educators and researchers about the particularities of the area. To this end, articles published in two Brazilian journals specific to Chemistry Teaching were reviewed in the last five years, from 2015 to 2019. The analysis process was based on the Content Analysis method and, thus, the research assumed a qualitative character associated with quantitative indicators, since these indicators provided a basis. The results showed that research on approaches and means for teaching, as well as the subjects involved in teaching and learning processes, are often present in Chemistry Teaching. In the case of teachers and undergraduates, studies concerning the aspects of initial and continuing training are predominated. Regarding investigations focusing on students, it was noted that the learning and meaning processes stood out as an object of study. However, it is concluded that the main trend is the research on educational actions and instruments, with an emphasis on themes involving social and environmental issues.



Chemistry Teaching, Literature review, Study objects

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Gondola-ensenanza Y Aprendizaje De Las Ciencias. Bogota: Univ Francisco Jose Caldas, Fac Science & Education, v. 17, n. 3, p. 465-+, 2022.