Effect of silver nanoparticles on physicochemical and antibacterial properties of calcium silicate cements

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Vazquez-Garcia, Fernando [UNESP]
Tanomaru-Filho, Mário [UNESP]
Chávez-Andrade, Gisselle Moraima [UNESP]
Bosso-Martelo, Roberta
Basso-Bernardi, Maria Inês
Guerreiro-Tanomaru, Juliane Maria [UNESP]

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Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and Portland cement (PC) are calcium silicate cements. They have similar physicochemical, mechanical and biological properties. The addition of zirconium oxide (ZrO2) to PC provides radiopacity. Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) may improve some properties of cements. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of AgNPs on physicochemical/mechanical properties and antibacterial activity of white MTA (WMTA) and PC associated with ZrO2. The following materials were evaluated: WMTA; PC 70% + ZrO2 30%; WMTA+ AgNPs; and PC 70% + ZrO2 30% + AgNPs. The study evaluated radiopacity, setting time, pH, compressive strength and solubility. For radiopacity analysis, radiographs were made alongside an aluminum (Al) step wedge. To evaluate the antibacterial activity, direct contact test was performed on planktonic cells and Enterococcus faecalis biofilm induced on bovine root dentin for 14 days. The experimental periods were 5 and 15 h. Data were obtained as CFU mL-1. The obtained data were submitted to ANOVA and Tukey tests (p<0.05). The addition of AgNPs to WMTA increased the pH, lowered the solubility and the initial and final setting times. The addition of AgNPs to PC/ZrO2 maintained the pH, lowered the solubility, and increased the setting time and compressive strength. The radiopacity of all materials was higher than 4 mmAl. The addition of AgNPs promoted an increase in antibacterial activity for calcium silicate cements and favored the physicochemical and mechanical properties of the materials.



Antibacterial, Calcium silicate cement, Enterococcus faecalis, Physicochemical, Silver nanoparticles

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Brazilian Dental Journal, v. 27, n. 5, p. 508-514, 2016.