Theoretical Models for Surface Forces and Adhesion and Their Measurement Using Atomic Force Microscopy

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Leite, Fabio L.
Bueno, Carolina C.
Da Roz, Alessandra L.
Ziemath, Ervino C. [UNESP]
Oliveira, Osvaldo N.

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Mdpi Ag


The increasing importance of studies on soft matter and their impact on new technologies, including those associated with nanotechnology, has brought intermolecular and surface forces to the forefront of physics and materials science, for these are the prevailing forces in micro and nanosystems. With experimental methods such as the atomic force spectroscopy (AFS), it is now possible to measure these forces accurately, in addition to providing information on local material properties such as elasticity, hardness and adhesion. This review provides the theoretical and experimental background of AFS, adhesion forces, intermolecular interactions and surface forces in air, vacuum and in solution.



van der Waals, adhesion, surface forces, atomic force microscopy, atomic force spectroscopy, structural forces, double-layer, wettability, AFM

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International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Basel: Mdpi Ag, v. 13, n. 10, p. 12773-12856, 2012.