As construções verbais paratáticas: gramaticalização em português europeu

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Rodrigues, Angélica Terezinha Carmo [UNESP]
Coelho, Carolina Medeiros
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This paper aims to analyze the so-called paratactic verbal constructions, or PVCs, in contemporary European Portuguese. The PVCs are built from the cohesion of two inflected verbs, V1 and V2, connected or not by the conjunction e (and), and only the second verb retains its full semantic content. Our analysis follows the grammaticalization and functional linguistics approaches. The process of grammaticalization of the PVCs allowed the verbs ir (go), chegar (arrive), pegar (take) and agarrar (grab), in specific contexts such as the PVCs, to undergo changes in their morphosyntactic and semantic features, what leads its categorial status and its function to change.
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Revista Portuguesa de Humanidades, v. 16-1, p. 149-169, 2012.