Art and the Teaching of Literature in School Education

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Univ Federal Espirito Santo


The aim of this study was to establish the relationship between the importance of art education in school education, in particular the literature and the effects it raises towards enriching the subjectivity of the subject. To do so, basing themselves in the works of Vygotsky about art, we analyzed a classic Shakespeare play, and then the assumptions of historical-critical pedagogical theory that stands in favor of the teaching of classical knowledge. It was found that the study developed by Vygotsky establishing close relations with the premises of the historical-critical theory in education regarding the importance of art and of literature teaching in school education.



Art, Literature, Education, Vygotsky

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Contexto-revista Do Programa De Pos-graduacao Em Letras. Vitoria: Univ Federal Espirito Santo, n. 27, p. 238-258, 2015.