Population concepts about the urban afforestation in the Rio Claro city

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Garcia, Ellen da Silva [UNESP]
Bianchini Bonotto, Dalva Maria [UNESP]

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Federal Univ Rio Grande, Inst Education


The intense urbanization and growth of big cities has become the urban afforestation an important subject within the environmental issues. This research purposes an investigation of Rio Claro citizens opinion about the subject since the population usually refuses to recognize the importance of the trees. Qualitative approach with semi-structured interviews was used to achieve this goal, takin into account the circumstances and the environment where the interviewee was inserted. Most respondents apparently recognize the importance of urban forestation; though often utilitarian and anthropocentric. It's expected that environmental education can provide the recognition of trees, involving a positive attitude about environment.



trees, qualitative research, environmental education

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Remea-revista Eletronica Do Mestrado Em Educacao Ambiental. Rio Grande: Federal Univ Rio Grande, Inst Education, v. 34, n. 3, p. 112-129, 2017.