Efeito da Duração do Cio sobre a Fertilidade de Éguas Inseminadas com Sêmen Eqüino Diluído, Resfriado a 20oC e Transportado

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da Silva, J. M.
de Carvalho, G. R.
Lima, MCC
Palhares, M. S.
Oliveira, H. N.

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Revista Brasileira Zootecnia Brazilian Journal Animal Sci


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of different interval from the beginning of the heat to the ovulation on the fertility of inseminated mares with diluted equine semen, cooled at 20 degrees C and transported, the mares were grouped with the following interval periods: T1 - period less than five days, T2 - period from five to seven days and T3 - period from 8 to 21 days. The conception rates in the first cycle were 53.85 (7/13), 52.17 (12/23) and 66.67% (10/15) for treatments 1, 2 and 3, respectively, and after three cycles, 50.00 (9/18), 48.15 (13/27) and 64.71% (11/17), in the same preceding order. The duration of heat, in the conditions of this experiment, did not influence the fertility of inseminated mares.



heat duration, equine, fertility

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Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia-Brazilian Journal of Animal Science. Vicosa-mg: Revista Brasileira Zootecnia Brazilian Journal Animal Sci, v. 27, n. 4, p. 738-742, 1998.