Design & seleção de materiais: elaboração e execução de um sistema de informações para projeto do produto: madeiras

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Hellmeister, Luiz Antonio Vasques [UNESP]
Marar, João Fernando [UNESP]

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Wood is a renewable material and has unique characteristics that stem from its orthotropic properties. The objective of this study was to develop and implement an informational Selection of Materials and Manufacturing Processes appropriate to the activity of Product Design - Woods. Composed of a Digital Information System, distributed, and an ordered collection of samples. The design of a product, carries with it the choice of material, and the choice of a manufacturing process. Information on materials and manufacturing processes are available with different content, media and interfaces. However, such information is not systematized so that they can be recovered, as the need for the designer, especially on wood. This set of methods is called the Selection of Materials and Manufacturing Processes. It is hoped through this study that the methodologies for SMPF are employed by product designers, architects and engineers in Brazil.



Design, Material selection, SMPF, Wood

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Proceedings of World Congress on Communication and Art: Information Technology in Arts and Information Visualization, v. 5, p. 494-498, 2010.