Inactivated infectious bronchitis virus vaccine encapsulated in chitosan nanoparticles induces mucosal immune responses and effective protection against challenge

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Lopes, Priscila Diniz [UNESP]
Okino, Cintia Hiromi
Fernando, Filipe Santos [UNESP]
Pavani, Caren [UNESP]
Casagrande, Viviane Mariguela [UNESP]
Lopez, Renata F.V.
Montassier, Maria de Fátima Silva [UNESP]
Montassier, Helio José [UNESP]

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Avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) is one of the most important viral diseases of poultry. The mucosa of upper respiratory tract, specially the trachea, is the primary replication site for this virus. However, conventional inactivate IBV vaccines usually elicit reduced mucosal immune responses and local protection. Thus, an inactivated IBV vaccine containing BR-I genotype strain encapsulated in chitosan nanoparticles (IBV-CS) was produced by ionic gelation method to be administered by oculo-nasal route to chickens. IBV-CS vaccine administered alone resulted in markedly mucosal immune responses, characterized by high levels of anti-IBV IgA isotype antibodies and IFNγ gene expression at 1dpi. The association of live attenuated Massachusetts IBV and IBV-CS vaccine also induced strong mucosal immune responses, though a switch from IgA isotype to IgG was observed, and IFNγ gene expression peak was late (at 5 dpi). Efficacy of IBV-CS was evaluated by tracheal ciliostasis analysis, histopathology examination, and viral load determination in the trachea and kidney. The results indicated that IBV-CS vaccine administered alone or associated with a live attenuated heterologous vaccine induced both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses at the primary site of viral replication, and provided an effective protection against IBV infection at local (trachea) and systemic (kidney) sites.



Avian infectious bronchitis virus, BR-I genotype, Chitosan nanoparticles, Inactivated vaccine, Mucosal immune responses

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Vaccine, v. 36, n. 19, p. 2630-2636, 2018.