A imprecisão avaliativa na correção de provas escritas decorrente da falta de critérios pré-definidos

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Filho, Armando Terribili [UNESP]
Chirinea, Andreia Melanda [UNESP]

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Field research conducted with ten teachers who are students in a stricto sensu postgraduate course in Education, which aims to highlight the importance of having welldefined criteria in test evaluation. The research was based on a careful simulation of a test applied to two hypothetical elementary school students, which were graded by individual teachers. The first correction applied individual criteria; for the second correction, the group of teachers discussed and established the criteria and made another individual grading. The results showed significant improvements in the assessment, since the distortion of marks awarded was reduced. However, the results also indicate that the evaluation requires a critical reflection of teachers and educational coordinators, not only for test grading, but in the process of evaluation and its instruments, development issues, highlighting the importance of the binomial what to measure? and how to measure?.



Grading criteria, Review, Test grading

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Meta: Avaliacao, v. 7, n. 20, p. 265-293, 2015.