Conservative management of severe intrusion in a primary tooth: A 4-year follow-up

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The purpose of this report was to describe the case of an 18-month-old boy who was referred to the pediatric clinic of the School of Dentistry of Araçatuba, São Paulo State University, Araçatuba, São Paulo, Brazil, 3 days after sustaining severe trauma that led to the complete intrusion of the primary maxillary right lateral incisor, a crown fracture of the primary maxillary right central incisor without pulp involvement, and disruption of the superior labial frenum. Four months later, spontaneous re-eruption was observed in the intruded tooth and no endodontic intervention was necessary in either traumatized teeth. Four years after the trauma, a morphological change in the germ of the permanent successor was noted. Clinical follow-up and periodic radiographies are necessary after traumatic intrusion of primary teeth to monitor possible sequelae in the permanent successors.



Dental trauma, Intrusion, Primary, Tooth, case report, deciduous tooth, human, incisor, infant, injury, lip, male, radiography, tooth eruption, tooth fracture, Humans, Incisor, Infant, Labial Frenum, Male, Tooth Eruption, Tooth Fractures, Tooth, Deciduous

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Journal of Dentistry for Children, v. 76, n. 1, p. 87-91, 2009.