Hidroterapia e eletroterapia em ratos com denervação do nervo isquiático

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Baptistella, Jamila Cristina [UNESP]

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Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)


There are several degenerative diseases causing symptoms due to nerve trauma peripherals that can lead to muscle atrophy. Parasitic diseases such as trypanosomiasis, highly contagious viral diseases such as distemper, and trauma - such as falls, motor vehicle collisions, among others - that cause nerve compression disorders, crushing or even cause total breakdown in atrophy, affecting both slow muscle fibers as rapid, resulting in decreased diameter of these fibers and muscle strength. When injury occurs spinal motoneurons or motor nerves will be rapid loss of muscle mass. The main features of the changes in the musculoskeletal system relate to decreased muscle and bone mass, as there are strong association between these forces and significant evidence that an environment devoid of mechanical stimulus produces direct effects on their structures and functions. The relationship between activity modeling of bone and muscle pumping action can be calculated from experiments with denervation and devascularization. In contrast to muscle atrophy, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy are proven methods of physiotherapy. This study is hypothesis that denervation causes muscle atrophy, and electrotherapy and hydrotherapy can restore the damage caused by this denervation. Thus, aim of this study is to test these hypotheses by histomorphometry of the long digital extensor muscles and superficial digital flexor tibia and biomechanically relevant. Were utilized of 40 Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus Albinus), divided into: GC - control; GD - subjected to denervation; GH - subjected to denervation and hydrotherapy; GHE - subjected to denervation, electrotherapy and followed by hydrotherapy, GE...



Eletroterapia, Hidroterapia, Rato como animal de laboratorio, Tibia, Denervation

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