Use of nanoparticles to manage candida biofilms

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Monteiro, Douglas Roberto
Arias, Laís Salomão [UNESP]
Araujo, Heitor Ceolin [UNESP]
Caldeirão, Anne Caroline Morais
Gulart, Bianca Fiorese
De Oliveira, Joseane
Dos Santos, Marilene Batista
Ramage, Gordon
Pessan, Juliano Pelim [UNESP]

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Candida species constitute an important part of the human oral microbiome and may be found as commensal colonizers in the oral cavity, as well as in the digestive and vaginal tracts. However, disturbances in host homeostasis may cause an overgrowth of these species, resulting in various types of candidiasis. This aspect, in conjunction with its ability to form organized and resistant structures, namely biofilms, has stimulated interest in nanotechnology-based therapies to fight biofilms and improve individuals’ health. This chapter approaches some of the clinical implications of Candida biofilms and their mechanisms of resistance to conventional antimicrobials, as well as the main types of nanoparticles used in controlling and preventing biofilms formed by different Candida species.



Antimicrobials, Biofilms, Candida, Nanomaterials, Nanoparticles

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Nanoparticles and their Biomedical Applications, p. 191-216.