Distal extension removable partial denture with resilient attachment connect to an anterior fixed implant-supported prosthesis: a clinical report

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Zavanelli, Ricardo Alexandre
Mazaro, José Vitor Quinelli [UNESP]
Guilherme, Adérico Santana
Magalhães, Jaqueline Barbosa
Cardoso, Leandro de Carvalho
Zavanelli, Adriana Cristina [UNESP]

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Background: Considering the limited qualitative and quantitative bone in the posterior arch, this modality of prosthetic treatment could provide a positive emotional factor reestablished by immovability of the anterior fixed implant-supported segment. Objective: This clinical report demonstrates the possibility of achieving positive results with a removable partial denture connected to an implant-supported fixed prosthesis associated to an extra resilient attachment. Clinical significance: In cases of posterior mandibular and maxilla atrophy added to the patients desire against the bone graft, this kind of prosthetic treatment has an important place as an alternative.



Removable partial denture, Implant-supported prosthesis, Resilient attachment

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World Journal of Dentistry, v. 3, n. 1, p. 87-90, 2012.