Terpinen-4-ol and nystatin co-loaded precursor of liquid crystalline system for topical treatment of oral candidiasis


This study was performed to develop a liquid crystalline system (LCS) incorporated with terpinen-4-ol and nystatin to evaluate its antifungal, antibiofilm, and synergistic/modulatory activity against Candida albicans. The LCS was composed of a dispersion containing 40% propoxylated and ethoxylated cetyl alcohol, 40% oleic acid, and 0.5% chitosan dispersion. According to analysis by polarized light microscopy, rheology, and mucoadhesion studies, the incorporation of 100% artificial saliva increased the pseudoplasticity, consistency index, viscosity, and mucoadhesion of the formulation. The minimum inhibitory concentration, minimum fungicidal concentration, and rate of biofilm development were used to evaluate antifungal activity; the LCS containing terpinen-4-ol and nystatin effectively inhibited C. albicans growth at a lower concentration, displaying a synergistic action. Therefore, LCS incorporated with terpinen-4-ol and nystatin is a promising alternative for preventing and treating infections and shows potential for the development of therapeutic strategies against candidiasis.



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Scientific Reports, v. 10, n. 1, 2020.