Grander system: A new technology to reduce surface tension of adhesive systems in dentistry


Background. Reduced surface tension of liquids results in higher surface wetting ability and diffusivity by the substrate. Objectives. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of the Grander Technology in reducing the surface tension of adhesive systems. Methods. Two adhesive systems (self-etch and total-etch) were modified by physical contact with the Grander system Flexible unit to revitalize water, for 48 h. Surface tension of adhesive systems and water in normal and grander-modified conditions was measured with a goniometer. Results. The results showed a reduction of surface tension for all conditions grander-modified between 3-15%. Conclusions. Grander Technology was effective in reducing the surface tension of the Single Bond and Clearfil SE Bond adhesive systems. Clinical significance. Grander technology was employed to restructure the molecular structure of water-based adhesive systems, which can increase their wetness capacity and therefore ensure a greater diffusibility.



grander technology, surface tension, total-etch adhesive systems, self-etch adhesive systems

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Acta Odontologica Scandinavica. London: Informa Healthcare, v. 72, n. 1, p. 31-35, 2014.