Oral rehabilitation with implantations: association of fixed partial prosthesis, UCLA system, and EsthetiCone

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The objective of modern odontology is to reconstitute to the patient the comfort, the function, the aesthetic form, the phonetic capability, and normal health. However, the more the patient is toothless, the more this objective becomes difficult inside traditional dentistry. As a result of continuous research of materials and techniques, permissible success is now a reality, whitewashing many challenging clinical situations. Thus, the objective of the article was to present a clinical case where association of the universal cast to long abutment pillars and EsthetiCone were used for aesthetic whitewashing. A man presented to the clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry, Universidade Estadual Paulista. After clinical examination and radiographic evaluation evidenced the necessity of substitution of fixed prostheses (15-25), he was presented with disadaptation and a favorable aesthetic solution. Ahead of the evaluated picture and considering the extension of the toothless space made, it was opted more, to the accomplishment of surgery, the setting of 2 implantations in the region and 2 in each edentate side of the posterior portion of the jaw. On 6 implants and 2 teeth, 10 metal ceramic crowns had been confectioned: 4 of them being joined in the region of the 12 to the 22 and the other 6 as unit crowns in the region of the 13, the 14, the 15, the 23, the 24, and the 25. The carried-through treatment was capable to return the aesthetic form, the function, the phonetic capability, the comfort, and the health of the verbal socket.





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The Journal Of Craniofacial Surgery, v. 22, n. 1, p. 155-158, 2011.

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