Alterações dos cílios em portadores de cavidade anoftálmica

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Purpose: To evaluate the eyelash alterations in anophthalmic cavity patients. Methods: An observational study was done looking for eyelash alterations in anophthalmic cavity patients at Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu. Results: Eyelash alterations were observed in 70.7% of the anophthalmic patients. The most frequently observed eyelash alterations were eyelash ptosis (24.4%), reduction in the quantity (19.5%), trichomegaly (19.5%), trichiasis (14.6%) and entropium (17.0%). Conclusion: The anophthalmic cavity patients have eyelash alteration and ptosis, reduction in quantity, trichomegaly, trichiasis are the most common observed situations. Further studies are needed to know more about it.



Anophthalmos, Cilia/pathology, Observational studies

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Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia, v. 70, n. 1, p. 51-54, 2007.