A GC-FID Method to Determine Styrene in Polystyrene Glasses

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The styrene levels of polystyrene (PS) glasses from the most consumed brands of disposable glasses intended for water and coffee in Brazil were determined. A GC-FID method was developed and validated, showing good precision and accuracy. The method was successfully used to determine styrene in 11 PS glass brands. The styrene levels ranged from 1.68 to 43.69 mg/100 g glass, depending on the kind of polymer, thickness, and glass brand. It could be used to control the content of styrene in the polymer. The migration of styrene from the glasses into water and 20 % ethanol was not detected.



Styrene, Polystyrene glasses, GC-FID, Migration

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Food Analytical Methods. New York: Springer, v. 5, n. 6, p. 1411-1418, 2012.