Academic commitment in the context of the covid-19 pandemic in brazilian higher education students

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The present article sought to understand to what degree the current pandemic scenario has affected the involvement in learning activities by higher education students because of changes in the ways of contact between students and teachers in the academic context and also because of the general migration to remote learning. The research surveyed 1,452 Brazilian university students, enrolled between the first and last year, taking courses in the three major areas of CAPES: Exact and Technological Sciences, Life Sciences, and Human Sciences participated in the study. The questionnaire included open and closed questions applied online, aiming to identify how the pandemic scenario has affected the students' engagement in learning activities. Specifically, we sought to identify how students organize their studies, the weekly hours they dedicate to learning and the feelings experienced in this pandemic context. It is expected, with this research, to analyze the academic experiences of students in this new educational environment, their levels of satisfaction and engagement, assisting in the planning of actions and services for students within the new reality of social distance and distance learning imposed by the pandemic.



Engagement, Higher Education, Pandemic, Remote teaching, Satisfaction

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