Efeitos do tratamento oral com sulfato de vanadila em ratos diabeticos jovens

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Pepato, Maria Teresa [UNESP]
Magnani, M. R T [UNESP]
Kettelhut, I. D C [UNESP]
Brunetti, Iguatemy Lourenço [UNESP]

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This work intends to evaluate the effects of oral vanadyl treatment (VOSO 4, 1 mg/mL) in young streptozotocin-diabetic rats during 19 and 29 days. In several times of treatment the rats were monitored to determine body weight, food and water intakes, glycemia, and the urinary excretion of glucose and urea. The animals were killed in the 19(th) and 29(th) days, and the glycemia level was determined again, as well as the weight of pancreas, muscles (Soleus and Extensor digitorum longus - EDL) and adipose tissues (epididymal and retroperitoneal). The results showed that the treatment of young diabetic rats with VOSO 4 promotes the reduction of hyperglycemia (p < 0.01), food (p < 0.01) and water intakes (p < 0.05) and body weight (p < 0.05). Neither the tissues and pancreas weights nor the urinary urea level of the treatment group varied in comparison to the control group. In conclusion, the vanadyl treatment in the studied period is able to reduce the main metabolic alterations often found in diabetes. These data are very useful and important for the future experiments to verify the effects of vanadyl sulfate on muscle protein metabolism in diabetic rats.



Experimental diabetes, Hyperglycemia, Vanadium, Young diabetic rats, glucose, muscle protein, streptozocin, vanadyl sulfate, animal experiment, animal model, animal tissue, body weight, controlled study, diabetes mellitus, drug effect, fluid intake, food intake, glucose blood level, hyperglycemia, muscle metabolism, nonhuman, oral drug administration, protein metabolism, rat, streptozocin diabetes

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Revista de Ciencias Farmaceuticas, v. 19, n. 1, p. 93-108, 1998.