Esophageal and gastric biopsies in symptomatic children and adolescents. Should both be performed?

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Rodrigues, MAM
Santos, M. E.
Mendes, E. F.
Moreira, F. L.
Carvalho, Mary de Assis [UNESP]
Maffei, HVL

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This study investigated the relationship among the histological diagnosis of esophagitis and gastritis in children and adolescents with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and/or dyspepsia. Records of 366 patients submitted to endoscopic biopsies were reviewed. Two groups were analyzed: G1 n=258 with esophageal and gastric biopsies, G2 n=108 with gastric biopsies only. For total subjects median age (range) was 8.5y (2mo-19.9y). Helicobacter pylori infection was detected in 30.6 %, median age 12.5y for H pylori-infected and 5.5y for uninfected children. Histological esophagitis was found in 216/258 (83.7 %) and gastritis in 95/258 (36.8 %) of G1. Both biopsies were normal for 13.6 % cases. Normal gastric biopsies were associated with esophagitis in 128/ 163 (78.5 %) of G1, but gastritis was associated with normal esophageal biopsies in only 7/95 (7.4 %) (0<.001). Histological gastritis was found in 80/108 (74.1 %) of G2 patients. Therefore, for symptomatic children both biopsies are indicated.



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Ii Intercontinental Congress of Pathology. Bologna: Medimond Publishing Co, p. 15-18, 2004.