First report of Rhodnius montenegrensis (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae) in the State of Acre, Brazil

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Oliveira Meneguetti, Dionatas Ulises de
Tojal, Simone Delgado
Mathias de Miranda, Pedro Raimundo
Rosa, Joao Aristeu da [UNESP]
Aranha Camargo, Luis Marcelo
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Soc Brasileira Medicina Tropical
Introduction: This paper reports, for the first time, the presence of Rhodnius montenegrensis in the State of Acre, Brazil. Methods: Two female R. montenegrensis were collected in a dwelling in the rural area of Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil. Results: The occurrence of this species was confirmed, and the number of Triatominae species in the State of Acre increased from four to five. Conclusions: Further studies should be performed to reach a clearer understanding of the ecology of this arthropod, its possible role in transmitting Chagas' disease and rangeliosis, and its current geographical distribution in the region.
Triatominae, Rhodnius montenegrensis, Western Amazon
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Revista Da Sociedade Brasileira De Medicina Tropical. Brasilia: Soc Brasileira Medicina Tropical, v. 48, n. 4, p. 471-473, 2015.